Drinks, On Me

Most of the time, we simply take our drink choices for granted. But, after receiving some not-so-tasty drinks for free? Time to make a concoction with them. Here are a few different combinations, but the gist is all the same- combine them into a nice juice punch. Easy, right?


Combo One

Crappy Grape Juice (the kind that tastes too grape-y, like you’d get at a dollar store)

Cranberry Juice (or concentrated cranberry juice and some water)

Sprite, Ginger Ale, or maybe even an aloe drink or similar

Expect about a 1:1:1 ratio


Combo Two

Crappy Orange Juice (dollar store style)

Ginger Ale/Sprite

Again, about a 1:1 ratio.


Combo Three

Cranberry juice concentrate (specifically the concentrated version this time)

Club Soda

Enough to reconstitute the cranberry juice, it just makes it into a cranberry juice soda 😉


Combo Four

Kool-Aid, two or more flavors

Enough water and sugar to make it right

Just combine the flavors already. It’s pretty fun to play with kool-aid, and it’s kind of hard to go wrong.


Well, guys, just… let your imagination run wild. But, of course, having some ginger ale or sprite on hand just makes it easier to make a simple punch recipe out of practically nothing.

Time for me to go drink my lemonade, then.

~the blogger


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