Cheesy Biscuit Bites

Prefacing this post with “I have a lot of flour”

I wanted some of domino’s parmesan bites, but thought that maybe I would be able to make some from whatever I have here at my apartment. Because, as much as I am lazy, I’m also pretty cheap when it comes to spoiling myself. You probably know the feels.

Only… these turned out more like red lobster’s cheddar bay biscuits. Go figure, but they still taste awesome.

I just sort of took this recipe for yeast-free pizza dough (who has the time for yeast? Not right now.) and this recipe for imitation parmesan bites and tried to stick ’em together, putting the garlic powder in the dough and the cheese on top. Only, you know… I didn’t exactly bother with the olive oil or the butter or the extra salt. Maybe that’s what’s lacking…?


Eh, whatever. Happy fooding. They still taste good!

~the blogger


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