Something like a Spanish Tortilla

Tonight’s dinner has got the fiancé saying it’s absolutely delicious! Taking this into account, this is the way I made it and alter it as you may, I guess. Not like I’m in your kitchen.

3 potatoes, cooked and mashed up, even if coursely (no peels)

9 eggs

parmesan cheese

garlic powder, cumin, turmeric powder, and ginger powder


red bell pepper (diced or whatever)

The Ginger People’s sweet chili pepper ginger sauce (I’m not paid to tell you this is awesome or I’d get it for free)


Put butter in your skillet on the stove; on medium to medium high, I guess. Once it’s melted, add red bell pepper for it to cook, then add the potatoes. It doesn’t really matter too much for the red bell pepper to cook first, this is gonna be on the stove a bit.

Add your seasonings to the potatoes and peppers- cumin and turmeric and ginger and garlic. Mix these in well. You can get a separate bowl out now.

Separate the mix into roughly thirds. Repeat the following for each third.

Add the 1/3 potato/peppers/spices mix to the pan again, then add parmesan cheese. Make it enough to be highly noticeable for you when you’re eating it, since it’s going to be mixed into something. Once your parmesan has melted into your potatoes mix, stir up well and add 3 eggs. Stir up to mix well and let it basically turn into a pancake.

Before you flip the pancake, sorta sprinkle some of that sauce onto the middle of it. It’s yum. Flip, and let it fully firm up.

Plate up and enjoy!


This recipe was a joy, and is brought to you by my mom’s trips to Spain. It’s on one of those times that I think I remember her coming back with the recipe for Spanish Tortillas, and while this isn’t them, it’s pretty much my rendition based on what I had in the refrigerator and what I remembered of the recipe. Nice and simple.

~the blogger


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