It’s pretty basic. It’s delicious. It’s got a lot of variants. Yup, we’re talking about a classic– Lasagne. Or lasagna, however you spell it. I don’t care. It’s just much easier to fix one to your own specifications than to worry about whether or not Fazoli’s is open for a late-night food run. Plus you get more.

Like meat? Add more to the sauce, it’s fine if it’s pretty much sloppy-joe consistency. Like it saucier? Add another can of sauce, go from there. Like it cheesier? Cheese it up. I’d say there’s no wrong way, but then again, people surprise me in the worst of ways sometimes.


lasagne noodles (here’s a hint: don’t break down the packaging until you know for a fact you won’t need it; I use dry noodles)


onions (diced or so)

pasta sauce and/or tomato sauce (if you’re using just tomato sauce, adding a few more herbs like basil and/or some “Italian Seasonings” would help season it more)

garlic powder

cooked ground beef (yes, just fully cook this separately and don’t add the grease/blood into your lasagne, please.)

shredded cheese (like parmesan, mozzarella, asiago, romano, etcetera; seriously, though, the ones specifically mentioned are my favorites for this.)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit if you need to preheat your oven thing.

Butter in a saucepan, probably medium; add your onions and let them soften up in the butter; add your sauce and herbs to this; if you’re still cooking your beef, that’s fine, whatever, just add it in here when it’s cooked.

Get out your pan, because it’s time to layer. Lasagne noodle, sauce/beef mix, cheese. In that order. Over and over and over until you reach the top of whatever oven-proof thing you’re using. Cheese on top is classic. Try making sure that, even if you have to break up some of the noodles a little, you’ve got lasagne noodle over everything. It’s otherwise a smaller lasagne, which is less fun than broken up pieces that buff it up.

Cook until it’s golden-brown on top or something like that, since it’s already got every element cooked by that point anyway. So long as the noodles are soft and it’s had sufficient time for the flavors to culminate a bit, you’re definitely good!


Yum! Always a favorite, and even more so now that I can make it the way I like it!

-the blogger


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