Ketchup Soup

So, I’ve got a lot of ketchup in my house. 5 bottles. I keep getting them for free, but that doesn’t mean I always know what to do with them. I heard someone say once that you can make a decently okay tomato soup with ketchup in a pinch, but… yeah, that isn’t for me. Or is it? I just tried to make a recipe that’s a little reminiscent of the stuff everybody likes most off the top of a meatloaf, but… whatever, it needed a lot of spices after the ginger. Good luck if you’re trying this and load it up with the garlic and sea salt. Also? Taste test as you go with a spoon. You’ll thank yourself for this later.


ketchup (ended up with 1 2/3 cup)

water (8 cups)

beef or other broth (1 qt/32 oz)

brown sugar (1/2 cup)


onions (diced, not many in mine though)

ginger (minced, I used some out of a cute little canister, but I put a little too much by adding a spoonful and a half or so)

garlic (powder)

sea salt (plenty)

pasta (I just used the pasta from one of those boxed dinners I wasn’t planning on making any time soon)


Brown onions with your butter in the bottom of a stock pot or something big enough for all that liquid. Add brown sugar and stir until it starts to melt.

Add ketchup, and whatever you do DON’T SNIFF IT from this point out, it might burn a bit in your olfactory senses!!!

Add pasta, broth, water, and stir. Make sure you don’t overfill your cooking vessel.

Start adding spices. This is an unfortunate must, as it will otherwise probably still taste just like ketchup. I’d use a good amount of both garlic powder and sea salt. I also ended up adding with the garlic/ginger/sea salt mentioned above some cumin. I think it helped, but still

Stir up again, let it simmer until the pasta’s cooked.


Do be aware, it’s not going to magically taste like campbell’s tomato soup. It’s ketchup. But this is a good enough for me way to use up all of that extra ketchup, and it DOES end up tasting kind of similar to the topping that people like off of meatloaf (the ketchup and brown sugar thing) without as much sugar. I’d call this a hit-and-miss recipe, since I like it well enough but someone else in the house isn’t interested.

-the blogger


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