Noodle fry

Ever had some form of stir-fried noodles? Yeah, I didn’t think you’d made it yourself or you wouldn’t have been on this page. I love to use orange sauce in this, it’s perfect XD As always, I’m not paid to tell you what brands I use… I just like these.

San-J Orange Sauce

Kikkoman Stir-Fry Sauce

Ramen noodles (I used 4 packages, but whatever you want; you don’t need the flavor packets so it doesn’t matter which ramen you pick up)

frozen mixed vegetables (I used almost half of a 32 oz bag… this is for sake of comparisson)

onions (diced; I used about, what, 1/2 an onion or something? I don’t keep up with it)


soy sauce


In a big enough for how much ramen you’re making pot, boil enough water for your ramen. Boil the ramen in the water, yaddah yaddah, there we go noodles. Drain this and set the noodles aside.

In that same big pot, after you’ve moved the noodles, melt some butter to cook your diced onion and mixed veggies in. Feel free to stick a fitting lid on that to let them steam a bit, that’ll make it quicker.

Okay, once those are tender enough to work with, add some of your sauce. This way, you know you’ve sauced everything. I mean, you could probably have added some cooked meat or something to this with the veggies… but yeah, make sure everything’s sauced. I went with about a 5:3 ratio (just past a 1:1 ratio leaning toward the stir fry) for stir fry sauce to orange sauce, I think. Stir well.

Add back in those noodles, stir well, add more sauce as you see fit. You’ll definitely need more sauce if you only put in sauce by judging the vegetables.

Stir up, plate up, it’s ready to go. Enjoy!

~the blogger


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