For lunch today, I made a thing- and I’m sure that I’ll edit this in later with more exacts if that helps- and it turned out really well without adding any sauce to it! Sounds good, let’s have a recipe.

a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil

a couple of tablespoons of butter

a bag of organic peas and carrots

about 1/2 of a summer sausage, cubed (not important for them to be super-perfect, just… cubed)

4 eggs

a few frozen diced onions (eh, adds up to maybe 1/4 of a small onion that’s not all that much)


garlic powder


Over something other than low, heat the coconut oil- I used a wide skillet for coverage and faster cooking. Break up the bag of frozen veggies, put in the skillet and cover with the lid. I turned it up to high to cook them faster while I was cutting sausage, but that’s because I was in a hurry. Add the butter and cubed summer sausage, stir, cover again. This is about where I started scanning my spice rack, so give it a good 2-3 minutes while you grab your spices and stuff. Sprinkle your cumin over it all, and your garlic, mix, put lid back on again. You’ll want to grab your eggs now, and decide if you want to bother with any sauces- I didn’t, but I wanted to before I realized how good it was standing alone. Lid off the skillet, crack your eggs into it and trash the shells; stir this all up, and don’t bother with that lid anymore. Your egg will get all over everything, and that’s basically just what you’re looking for, anyway. Cook until it’s thoroughly enough cooked for you (I’d go with “no runny” if I were you. Can never tell what would happen otherwise), dish up and enjoy.

May I suggest trying a bite of it before adding whatever sauce? Just in case, like me, you bring out the sauce, take your first bite to judge how much you want, and then don’t end up feeling any desire for that sauce.

~the blogger


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