Goulash Adventures

Backstory: I ran out of cooked ground beef in my fridge. I tried to cook some last night, but forgot about it (or rather, got too tired and crashed). So, no beef. The sweetheart liked it well enough, though. Me, too.


macaroni noodles (elbows or whatever), cooked and drained

diced tomatoes (the can I used was double sized with garlic and olive oil)

diced onions


spaghetti sauce

a little sea salt (or normal salt… but sea salt will taste better)

garlic if you didn’t have some in it already somewhere…or just want more


cook your noodles and drain them, stick them back in the pot, add the can of tomatoes and the spaghetti sauce.

in a separate saucepan, soften your onions in some butter. Just so they’re sweet and soft when you eat them instead of crisp and strong-tasting, you should be pretty well fine.

stir everything together except the salt, it doesn’t even have to be over any heat. though, adding more butter to the mix and heating it up so it melts certainly isn’t a terrible idea.

salt by preference as you dole it out.

~the blogger


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