The avocado-banana-cocoa powder pudding thing really isn’t a bad idea at all. I mean, I tried it, and even though I really wasn’t trying too hard, it ended up tasting fairly good. Would use a blender next time instead of a fork, though. It’s far easier to get a smoother texture that way without something ending up grainy.

I ended up using about 4 bananas and 3 avocados… and just sprinkled cocoa powder in there until it looked brown enough to me. You know, until it looked like pudding.

Well, whatever works. I think it works a lot better after refrigerating it a bit so the flavors blend together better… but that didn’t stop me from forking mouthfuls in earlier. Also… yeah, if you do it like I did, it won’t end up pretty. It’ll taste good, though. The people who said you wouldn’t be able to taste the avocado so much weren’t lying- you have to be searching for that flavor over the banana and cocoa to get it.


But… it was literally just those three things. Put together. Into some semblance of pudding. Yum.

-the blogger


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