The things I keep in my fridge

This is an easy one. Sometimes, I have enough time to watch TV and, say… peel potatoes or chop onions at the same time. My lover gets onto me about this often. But, hey, it makes it far easier to make food later from pre-prepped ingredients. I’ve even read of a blogger doing way more than I have, spending an entire day just…prepping ingredients. While that’s going too far for my time budget, I can say that I’ll definitely prep and freeze or refrigerate the following just to make sure I have enough (since I typically use a lot of them):

•Onions (diced, bagged up in sandwich bags, and frozen)

•Potatoes (peeled, boiled, stored in the fridge; these won’t last as long as the frozen stuff, obviously, but work great in corned beef hash, potato soup, etcetera; use your imagination)

•Ground beef (cooked, should I say “browned”?, then divvied up into sandwich bags and frozen; broken-up cooked ground beef that’s been frozen, for your reference, isn’t as easy to just break a bit out of the bag as onion is, so it’s a good idea to thaw that one before use)

•Rice (cooked, of any variety; great for tossing into a quick fried rice or to heat up and eat with curry)

I also entertain the idea that, whether I prepped it or not, there are just certain things that are great to keep on-hand if you want a relatively simple meal. Some of these, for me, happen to include:

• citrus fruits, like oranges, lemons, and limes;

• whole vegetables, like various colors of bell pepper and avocados;

• butter. No explanation should be needed for this culinary important ingredient. Blue Bonnet isn’t butter. Butter is butter. Just so you’re aware of exactly what I personally mean by “butter”.

And… that’s all I can think of for now. I’ll update this one if it gets longer.

-the blogger


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