French Toast Recipe/Tips

Okay, so the basic French Toast recipe is just milk, an egg, and dry bread. Mix the first two, soak the third in that, fry until golden brown and delicious. If you’re planning on making a bunch of it, though, don’t just add more milk and eggs to a single batch– trust me, it won’t work that way. Just make a new batch.

As for interesting things to do with french toast, it makes excellent sandwich bread if you don’t add sweet components like vanilla or cinnamon, or just fine on its own even. Try a BLT on french toast, yum! Then there’s the obvious cutting it into strips and dunking it in syrup like you probably did in middle school, but you could just as easily serve them like pancakes on a stack.

The basic recipe, once again:

What you need:

1/4 to 1 cup of milk

an egg

dry/stale bread (it doesn’t fall apart as easily; you CAN use fresher bread if you’re careful not to soak it very much)

a flat… cookware… piece, like a casserole dish, to mix the milk and egg in (perfect for dunking)

a spatula to flip with

if you want it, butter (or other cooking grease), cinnamon/sugar/vanilla/other mix-ins that will ride the bread, and maybe something like a slice of cheese if you want to make grilled cheese french toast. That shouldn’t be put in the milk/egg mixture, though.


Rule of thumb, if it’s too dense or heavy to cling to the bread, add it afterward in between slices, or something.

How to make it:

mix the milk, egg, and other light mix-ins

start your griddle/skillet, add butter or whatever if you want

put bread, one slice at a time, in your liquid mix and flip to coat both sides; don’t leave it in there, just put it in right before you’re about to put it in the pan

put your liquidy bread in the pan, fry until each side’s cooked.

Take out of your pan and serve however you want to.


-the blogger


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