A Lazy Introduction

Okay, so… here’s the skinny of it. Well, the skinny or the fat of it, I guess. I like to cook. I like to eat. But… aren’t we all a little lazy sometimes? That’s me. Pretty much all the time. Work full time outside the house, work a lot inside the house, and just want to generally use my off-time to suit my own needs and fancy once in a while. You know, wind down and de-stress without worrying about what’s going in my stomach. Sad that it doesn’t always work that way, huh?

Well, with that underway, here’s what not to expect from my blog: long or complicated explanations (most of the time, at least), long recipes, much feedback. Yeah, that last one’s a bit of a doozy, but didn’t I just say that I’d rather spend my me-time on me? It’s just easier to be honest than to regret it down the road. Let’s see… oh, yeah, dialogue. Talking like a college professor isn’t going to get you anywhere in this day in age, but if you don’t know what something I said means… there’s always google. Sorry, folks, but if I don’t get paid to do this, this is basically my online recipe catch-all for things I made and liked enough to make again.

Now, here’s a few things to expect: nosh (yummy food), a few jokes occasionally, and some kitchen tips if I’ve got ’em. Yup, recipes and a few tidbits that are just plugged in there for you. Oh, here’s a food joke for you to start with: What did the healthy neanderthal say to his sick friend? “Are you alright? You look a little PALEO.”

Um, okay, that about sums it up for now. If you want to double any of these, ah, recipes, whatever. It’s probably nothing more than a “by-taste” recipe, really, and you should play up your own instead of trying to do everything “by the book”, as my mom would say… eh, to each their own. If I don’t include measurements, just eye-ball it.


Oh, and I don’t know about pictures, either. Sorry, but at least the taste is generally good enough for me to snack on? Hope you like any of the things you see here. Now, let’s cook. Lazily.

-the blogger


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